The Golden Rule – Accessible, Affordable Gold

Finding the necessary money to purchase an entire gold bar (usually weighing 12.4kg) is a real challenge for many people.  We sell fine silver and gold in fractional amounts that everyone can afford.  Our collection of special edition collectible micro-ingots, showcased in beautifully presented collections such as the “13 colonies” and “The Golden Rule”, offer customers the chance to purchase gold in an exceptionally affordable manner.  Through us, customers can buy high quality gold in 0.5g or 1g increments, enabling even people on a modest budget to benefit from the advantages which buying gold can bring.


U.S.A. Gold – An Excellent Opportunity

Historically, gold has frequently been collected by individuals that want a material asset which is universally recognized as of value.  In comparison with stocks, shares and bonds, which have a more limited market, gold is a transportable asset that can be sold across the globe.  Not only is gold a robust, versatile asset, over time gold value has raised steadily.  Although past performance isn't an indicator of future worth, many analysts are confident that gold will continue to appreciate in the future.


Ideal For Gifting, Collectors or Preppers

Many preppers appreciate the versatility and portability of gold, recognizing that should the conventional structures of society break down, it will remain a useful asset which could be bartered or sold to purchase necessities.  Our APN (American Preppers Network) gold collection has been specifically created to meet their needs.  Alternatively, a miniature gold ingot makes a thoughtful, useful Christmas or birthday gift.


Precious Metals That Everyone Can Afford

Our gold price per gram is extremely competitive, so if you'd like to buy gold there's no reason not to get started right away!  We offer exceptional customers service and are totally committed to providing high caliber gold, attractively presented for maximum appeal.  To find out more about how we can help, or to place an order, call us now at (480) 448-1387.


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