APN Memberships

What will you do if the dollar should collapse? What if a mass devaluation forces the dollar into hyper inflation?

Barter is the solution and an APN Gold Membership is your first step!

APN Gold Membership 

Are you ready to find out how you can be a part of this growing nationwide bartering and "Prepper Friendly" business network?  Want to establish a barter/prepper group in your area to help rebuild your local economy? Or maybe you just want to join others.

As an APN Gold Member, you will get these great benefits as part of your membership

  • Our new Exclusive Gold Members only e-newsletter titled: "APN's The Gold Standard"
  • Exclusive membership in our new private APN Gold member Facebook page
  • Access to our Gold Members exclusive forum lounge
  • No barcodes, no microchips, no magnetic strips - 100% private
  • Get your own Gold Member recognition tag and access to exclusive Members Only discussion area

You will receive deep discounts from some of our sponsors that are not available to others.  Here is just a small sample of the discounts available:

  • 10% off Survival Slingshot
  • 15% off Eden Valley Foods
  • 10% off American Gunsmitthing Armorer courses
  • 10% off Survival Cave Foods
  • Free Brass Membership in the Gun Club of America
  • 25% off Dandelion Herb Shop
  • Plus Hundreds More...

YOUR contributions will help us to grow and reach and teach newcomers valuable skills, tips and ideas to help them live more sustainable lives in our uncerain world. The APN will also be able to provide additional services that couldn't have been possible before. Check out some of our great benefits.

More than just a national discount club.  Not only can you help support the APN and small businesses all over the country, but YOU can be a part of so much more! You can help us to each do our part at saving our local economies! Together, we can continue growing our already large Nationwide Prepper groups and Bartering Network as we connect individuals with small businesses.

Join now! or call 1-(234)-Join-APN for more information 

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