Elderberry Gummies: Great Gift Idea For Children

Elderberry CandyMy recipe for Elderberry Gummies

I am not sure if I have told you this, but I love candies! I mean, I am addicted to candies. So, I have to be careful and watch the quantity that I eat, although, I am disciplined no matter what my husband Stan says.

Elderberries: The Perfect Christmas Gift?

Elderberry JellyWith the Christmas season ahead, I thought that it would be interesting to give you some of my homemade Christmas gift ideas. I have always loved the holidays! To me, it’s the perfect occasion to spend quality time with the people that I love and cherish. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for everyone. I actually read on the web recently that the Christmas season is one of the most stressful times for most people. Without even realizing it, they put so much pressure on themselves to get the best gifts, to cook the best meals and to be the best host that they actually forget what the Holidays are really about spending quality time with the most important people in our lives. Well, Christmas isn’t stressful for me at all. I actually relax during the Holidays. I take my time and I make my own gifts. It seems as though my family and friends appreciate that much more. Taking the time to make something for someone seems more like a gift from the heart than a gift purchased at the mall just a few hours before Christmas Eve. You know, the “last minute shopping” that everyone always complains about? That’s only my opinion but for some unexplained reason, I am willing to bet a jar of my Elderberry jelly that most of you agree with my way of doing today.

What Are Elderberries?

Wild ElderberriesElderberries… what are they exactly? Well, their name has nothing to do with what they really are! Actually, that is something that I am going to have to look into. Why are they called “elderberries”? Their name makes us believe that they are some kind of berry made to be eaten by the “elderly”. All kidding aside, I will most definitely get back to you on that!

Jerusalem Artichoke: Medicinal Properties

The miracle of healing with food

Jerusalem Artichoke BasketI would like to take this time to speak to you about the amazing medicinal properties that the Jerusalem artichoke has. I personally believe that this could very well be the answer for people who suffer from diabetes, high cholesterol, and digestive problems.

Jerusalem Artichoke: Tops 3 Popular Recipes

Jerusalem Artichoke SoupI believe in my last article, you know the one where I give you a “history class” on where the Jerusalem artichoke comes from, I mentioned I was going to give you my famous Jerusalem artichoke soup recipe. Well, this is your lucky day! Not too many people have this. I think that the only person who has it is my mom, Charlotte, and that is because it’s a little bit hers too.

Jerusalem Artichoke: What Is It?

Jerusalem ArtichokesWhat I wouldn’t give for some delicious Jerusalem artichokes, more commonly known as a “tuber”! I can’t even begin to describe how amazingly sweet they taste! Add a little bit of garlic, lemon, salt and pepper and BOOM, there you have it! You can accompany them with basically any type of meat, chicken, turkey and/or even fish! But you know what, I will come back a little later with some awesome recipe ideas. For now, let’s concentrate on finding out what a Jerusalem artichoke is, what its nutritional values are and, where it grows along with a bit of its history.

Hannah Walker's Wild Edibles

Hannah WalkerHi! My name is Hannah Walker. I live in South Carolina and was actually born and raised here. To be more precise, I live in Charleston, the oldest city of South Carolina. I love the warm weather and its subtropical beaches. It’s the perfect place for me to live. The 60 miles of beautiful beachfront is ideal if you like to play golf, which I really dislike the sport by the way, but some do enjoying it. While others like to come to South Carolina to visit Myrtle Beach, the "vacation town" as most would call it.

I love to walk on the cobblestone streets when I need inspiration to write. Yes, I am a writer. I have been writing for most of my life. It’s my biggest passion.

What do I write about you may ask? Well, I give beauty tips to young ladies on the internet via various websites. I also write for a "cooking" website where I mostly give out my favorite and best recipes for deserts and comfort food. Lastly, I write here, on this website because another one of my interests and past times is learning how to live a self-sustaining lifestyle. I love farming, gardening and hunting. Yes, I know. Not many women enjoy hunting. I am just one of a kind I guess.