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Elderberry Gummies: Great Gift Idea For Children

Elderberry CandyMy recipe for Elderberry Gummies

I am not sure if I have told you this, but I love candies! I mean, I am addicted to candies. So, I have to be careful and watch the quantity that I eat, although, I am disciplined no matter what my husband Stan says.

Golden Rule: The Joy of Giving

Giving GiftsMatthew 7:12 says “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.”  

Christmas is a time of giving, yes and receiving but essentially a time of giving. Those who follow the Golden Rule must absolutely love this time of year because it means they really can give and give and give because it is what they would expect others to do for them. True followers of the Golden Rule though are not like spoilt kids, spoilt kids give to expect something back and cry like babies when they don’t. True Golden Rule followers don’t expect others to give something back, sometimes they give knowing full well the recipient of their giving can never repay the gift. True Golden Rule followers know the secret to giving that many don’t.

Elderberries: The Perfect Christmas Gift?

Elderberry JellyWith the Christmas season ahead, I thought that it would be interesting to give you some of my homemade Christmas gift ideas. I have always loved the holidays! To me, it’s the perfect occasion to spend quality time with the people that I love and cherish. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for everyone. I actually read on the web recently that the Christmas season is one of the most stressful times for most people. Without even realizing it, they put so much pressure on themselves to get the best gifts, to cook the best meals and to be the best host that they actually forget what the Holidays are really about spending quality time with the most important people in our lives. Well, Christmas isn’t stressful for me at all. I actually relax during the Holidays. I take my time and I make my own gifts. It seems as though my family and friends appreciate that much more. Taking the time to make something for someone seems more like a gift from the heart than a gift purchased at the mall just a few hours before Christmas Eve. You know, the “last minute shopping” that everyone always complains about? That’s only my opinion but for some unexplained reason, I am willing to bet a jar of my Elderberry jelly that most of you agree with my way of doing today.

What Are Elderberries?

Wild ElderberriesElderberries… what are they exactly? Well, their name has nothing to do with what they really are! Actually, that is something that I am going to have to look into. Why are they called “elderberries”? Their name makes us believe that they are some kind of berry made to be eaten by the “elderly”. All kidding aside, I will most definitely get back to you on that!