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Who Is Matt Newnham and Why the Golden Rule?


Matt Newnham lives in Cape Town, South Africa and that is a very long way from where he grew up, in fact where he is and what he is doing now is as good as being on a different planet, speaking a dialect that people of Earth do not understand and doing things that only perhaps a Martian would consider normal.

Hannah Walker's Wild Edibles

Hannah WalkerHi! My name is Hannah Walker. I live in South Carolina and was actually born and raised here. To be more precise, I live in Charleston, the oldest city of South Carolina. I love the warm weather and its subtropical beaches. It’s the perfect place for me to live. The 60 miles of beautiful beachfront is ideal if you like to play golf, which I really dislike the sport by the way, but some do enjoying it. While others like to come to South Carolina to visit Myrtle Beach, the "vacation town" as most would call it.

I love to walk on the cobblestone streets when I need inspiration to write. Yes, I am a writer. I have been writing for most of my life. It’s my biggest passion.

What do I write about you may ask? Well, I give beauty tips to young ladies on the internet via various websites. I also write for a "cooking" website where I mostly give out my favorite and best recipes for deserts and comfort food. Lastly, I write here, on this website because another one of my interests and past times is learning how to live a self-sustaining lifestyle. I love farming, gardening and hunting. Yes, I know. Not many women enjoy hunting. I am just one of a kind I guess.