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The Golden Rule: Beaten Up But Not Defeated (Part 3 of 3)

Iron HeartIn this the final part of a 3 part true story that tested the human side of applying the Golden Rule in challenging circumstances one learns that love is what lies at the heart of Matthew 7:12 and all the teaching Jesus Christ and that in applying the Golden Rule, putting God first the outcome is always better.

It was tough being an ex-husband and father who saw his mother beaten to a pulp and then to find her at deaths very door having taken an overdose.  Circumstances like this change lives quite dramatically and put the doing for others and you would have done unto you principle to a test like no other. Three lives, three sets or emotions come together at a point where nobody wants them to or expects them to meet but only by applying the Golden Rule and believing that good will come from it can this be survived.

The Golden Rule: Beaten Up But Not Defeated (Part 2 of 3)

DivorceApplying Matthew Matthew 7:12 when everything seems so wrong, when circumstances say “don’t” and there are a host of reasons that can be found for not applying The Golden Rule is not easy. 

Divorce is a nasty life event, there is an almost Hollywood view on Divorce but the emotions of divorce in the real world are miles away from a glossy soap opera divorce or highly public celebrity divorce as seen in the tabloid press. Divorce is painful and when there are children involved more painful still.  Having to apply the Golden Rule with the one you once loved is perhaps the most challenging application of “Do unto others as you would have done unto you”.  Inside there is a level of bitterness, a seed planted by the Devil and one that he, the Devil, will use at every opportunity he can get.