Prepper Packages

Noble Mint’s Prepper Packages offer specialized levels of bartering tools for a variety of emergency situations. Our packages address the common survival scenarios likely to result as a result of a catastrophic event. Each of our packages are specially designed to meet the needs of savvy preppers looking to protect themselves and their families.


There are three basic scenarios survivors will likely face when the SHTF:


1) Bugging out from your shelter

Does your SHTF Plan include bugging out? You should check out our Roadrunner Pack for an affordable and lightweight addition to your bartering resources.


2) Travelling to your place of refuge from an outside location

Your family is on vacation and suddenly, it’s the end of the world as we know it. How do you get your family to a safe location? The Coyote Pack is designed to get your pack back home, offering you a travel-sized bartering tool to ensure your prepped even while you’re travelling.  


3) Surviving in one location with the resources necessary for an extended stay

For preppers that have secured a location that provides the safety and essentials necessary for an extended stay, there remains a looming problem of replenishing your stores. Bartering with your ‘neighbors’ may prove to be difficult, especially in cases where items traded may not be clearly equivalent. For this scenario, we offer the Prepper Pack which provides a variety of denominations which allows for near currency like transactions in your bartering efforts.


These scenarios inform and inspire the configuration of our prepper packages. Each package is designed to fill differing levels of needs for preppers facing differing survival scenarios.

Noble Mint is dedicated to promoting independence through self-reliance – and our prepper packages are aimed at helping our customers be self-reliant, even in catastrophic situations.

It doesn't matter whether the event is man-made (terrorism – war - financial collapse), or an act of nature (hurricane – flood – tornado) the usual result is a suspension of services that we have come to depend on. Without water, food and electricity, even the most temperate of climates can be deadly for the unprepared.

The average household has less than 3 days of non-perishable food reserves, and less than 1 day of water reserves at any given time. Even when people have days of warning before an event, they typically do not have enough, or have the wrong essentials available when a catastrophe strikes.

We recommend that everyone obtain and maintain sufficient survival essentials for every household member. Part of those essentials should include a stock of goods that can be used to barter for additional products and services that may be needed during an emergency. 

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