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APN GoldAPN Gold is the premium membership club of the American Preppers Network and is also the driving force behind our national "Prepper Friendly" businesses, groups, and barter map and community.

Two ideas become one. 

Ever since 2009, APN founder Tom Martin had a goal of creating a national network of groups, organizations, and small businesses that would be capable of bartering with each other in the event a collapse of the dollar. Prepper groups were added to APN's meetup map and group leaders could post their meetups in the forum.  But the idea of networking with businesses hadn't quite yet taken hold. During APN's second year a premium membership was introduced which was coincidentally called "APN gold membership".  The APN gold membership started out simply as an upgraded premium forum membership where forum members could get discounts from online venders and special forum perks.    It wasn't until a meeting between Tom Martin and Ed Campbell, Founder of Noble Mint, in June of 2013 that the idea of merging the APN gold membership and the barter network took hold.

Not just a discount membership card.

Ed introduced the idea of a "Real Gold" embedded membership card for APN's premium members.  But what could that card actually do besides give the card bearer cool bragging rights?  That's when the idea hit!  Why not start introducing small businesses as part of APN's premium membership club?  This was the ticket to forming the network of "Prepper Friendly" businesses.  Expand the APN gold membership to include more than just online vendors...let's have much more!  Let's include small businesses from around the nation.  Let's also ask those businesses to offer APN gold members a special, coupon, or discount and also list what items that those business owners prefer to barter with.  Now we have businesses with physical store fronts where card carrying APN gold members can show their card to redeem their most current offers, and so APNgold.com was born.

With APNgold.com, preppers can upgrade to a premium membership and get discounts not only from online vendors but also from an exponentially growing map-based list of small businesses all across America.  What membership card do you know of that is geared for supporting small businesses?  What membership card do you know of that also contains real embedded gold?

APN gold supports small businesses by providing our free map-based directory listing service.  We offer opportunities for affiliates to earn a second income, and we also offer fundraiser opportunities for schools, churches, and organizations.

Register your business or group for free today. Visit http://map.APNgold.com today!

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